Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This is the sound of one voice

There is a really beautiful song sung by the Wailin Jennys called "One Voice".  In it, one voice begins with "This is the sound of one voice, the sound of one who makes a choice."  Over the next couple of verses, voices pile on one by one until the final verse comes together in a rich and lovely chorus of tight harmonies.

I'm going to use that as an overly-dramatic representation of what's about to happen here.  For some reason, a bunch of happy but over-committed mothers said "yes" to the idea of starting a blog.  The week before Thanksgiving.  The month before Christmas.

Um.  What?

So I, the fearless (ha!) convener of the group, am going to keep up this blog for the next couple of months until the extra chaos dies down and most of the gang is back to the regular level of chaos.  I like to write so I'm happy to take this on.  Hey, who knows?  Maybe I'll bust out a post about the insanity of trying to start a blog during the countdown to bananas.

First, an introduction:  I'm a mother of two sub-Kindergarteners, wife of a college professor and I'm an Episcopal priest at a large urban parish.  I'm also an avid runner and have recently discovered that long distances are good for my heart and soul.  That's my brand of crazy.

More posting to come.  I'm looking forward to telling you more about the amazing worship we had this weekend.

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