Tuesday, February 28, 2012


There is a lot of chatter in church circles about how to attract more seekers, how to grow our churches, how to bring more people into the faith.  In light of that, this article from Episcopal Cafe is really interesting.  It seems that, like some parents who have decided to keep their children at home for schooling, some parents are "churching" their kids at home as well, in response to lack of church communities that answer the needs of the family, whatever they might be.

Equally as interesting as the article itself are the comments below the article, which range form the vicious to the supportive.  Some believe that this is a self-centered move that speaks to the death of church as primary community.  Others are thrilled that spirituality and moral compass are being taught at home.  The Monday Morning Moms are going to talk about the article next week.   What are your thoughts?


  1. Currently we are 'unchurching' as well. This is not because I do not value a church family, because I do, but just as all families have their ebb and flow moments, so do church families. We are in a period of withdrawal, and it has turned out to be a positive and needed break for us.

  2. I found your blog because of your beautiful article, sermon, and photographs. What a blessing.

  3. I guess you could say my husband and I unchurched for several years until we found All Saints' last year. Interesting post and thanks for including a link to the article. I posted your blog on my Twitter account. :)